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3 InnoCentive Customers Provide Advice for Crowd-Solving Success

This video is from a 2015 "community of practice" meeting of various US federal agencies that used InnoCentive as a platform to run open-innovation challenges.  There are three segments of interest, each about 15 minutes long.  Summaries are below.  

  1. NASA's Mars Challenge (starts at 1:12:40 / ends at 1:26:46).  This was an idea challenge looking for new thinking on how to get more value out of 'balance mass' on the next Mars mission (launched in 2020).  The speaker talks about the importance of the problem statement and well-designed judging criteria.  He summarizes the results of the challenge (at 1:20:49), explains the key takeaways (at 1:21:00) and shares lessons learned (at 1:24:55). 

  2. IARPA's INSTINCT Challenge (starts at 1:27:40 / ends at 1:40:20).  This was a challenge run by a US Intelligence agency looking for an improved algorithm to determine the trustworthiness of someone else, based on one's physical, emotional and psychological reaction to that person.  IARPA had a huge dataset of measurements but their algorithm did not work as well as desired.  The speaker explains the complexity of the problem and describes the impressive improvement in the algorithm that resulted from the challenge.  She ends her talk with advice about the value of marketing outreach and the impact of various channels (at 1:36:48).

  3. US Air Force Research Lab ("AFRL") (starts at 1:41:20 / ends at 1:55:30).  The US AFRL had used InnoCentive for 25 challenges at the time of this presentation.  The speaker talked about the importance and difficulty of a good problem definition.  He talked about their use of multiple promotion megaphones to maximize solver registrations.  Last, he had a very informative 'Lessons Learned' section (at 1:51:54).     

Former Halliburton CEO Talks About the Value of Crowd-Solving

In this short video (7:07), John Gibson speaks at the XPRIZE 'Incentive2innovate' Conference.  He provides a CEO's perspective on innovation and creativity.  He talks about why he uses InnoCentive (at 4:00) to help look for innovation breakthroughs and the benefit to his organization from using the global crowd to supplement his internal organization.  

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SeaFreight Labs is a consultancy delivering crowd-solving services to businesses and non-profits.  We serve as "Project Advisor" on global challenges to cost effectively deliver breakthrough innovation to intractable problems.
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